Behind the Scenes with FOX!

Last week we had the chance to work with FOX team… and it was a blast!

We were shooting promos for Wipe Out Finland. These promos will be broadcast on FOX TV Channel, share on their Facebook and shown on the vertical screens you can find in Helsinki city center. We loved so much the idea of shooting the everyday life of these balls that we couldn’t resist and made a Behind the Scene. It was a long and intensive day with a lot of fun surrounded by a great and talented team. Check it out!


Behind the Scenes with FOX Finland from Kinetic Pixel on Vimeo.


If you missed the promos on TV. Check these teasers:

01. Melkein Valmiina!

02. Rakastamme sitä jo nyt!

03. Olemme tulossa!


  1. J. says:

    I had so much fun doing this with you guys, thank you so much for a crazy day and good laughs! -Big Red- :)

    • jose says:

      Hei Jussi!
      Wait and see the rest of the promos we made out of this.
      Thanks for the great work, you made it much fun! Hope to work with you soon again.

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